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friday five #13


  1. The sun rises just before 8am now, so when I’m waiting for the bus to head into Copenhagen for my 8:30am class I get to watch the sunrise from the (cold) bus stop!
  2. Quite a few people in my apartment were traveling this weekend, so the few of us that stayed here for the weekend decided to have a movie night—complete with homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches!  I finally convinced my apartment-mates to watch arguably my favorite movie and one of the top five rom-coms of our generation, New in Town.
  3. This is my view on my walk to my school buildings from the bus stop.  It seems pretty normal now but every so often I look up and still have to pinch myself that this is real and not some crazy dream I’ve been stuck in for the last three months.
  4. My Cold War spies class had a field study on Wednesday to a surveillance room that happens to be under the Carlsberg brewery.  As my professor said, “Spies and beer, what could be better?” (Our field study was at 9am on a Wednesday morning)
  5. I’m trying to be super productive (we all know how that normally ends) and get a head start on all my papers.  I have five papers due between now and the end of the semester and we still have Thanksgiving Break stuck in the middle of that!  Yesterday after classes I walked to my favorite study spot in the city: the Black Diamond Library!  It’s no ZSR, but the view isn’t too bad 🙂

PS- sorry for being completely non-existent on the blog this week, I promise I’m still alive and well and in Copenhagen!!! I’ve tried to come up with an excuse for why I didn’t write anything this week and honestly I don’t really have one.  Next week’s Friday Five will be another delayed one (the last delayed one, I promise) buuttttttt it’s for a super exciting reason: I’m going to the arctic!!!  I’m going on one of the optional DIScovery trips that DIS runs, this one up to northern Sweden above the Arctic Circle and I couldn’t be more pumped.  Stay tuned over the next few weeks to hear all about it!

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