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friday five #12

  1. I finally, finally got to see an FC København game!!! Sunday was my mom’s last day in Copenhagen and the team was in town, so she and I went along with one of my good friends, Robyn, who I went to Rome with as well!
  2. This past Wednesday, my core course took a field study to Tøjhusmuseet, or the Royal Danish Arsenal Museum!
  3. We visited the museum to see an exhibition called “A Distant War: An Exhibition on the War in Afghanistan,” which details Denmark’s involvement in the “war on terror” in Afghanistan.  The exhibit is incredibly well done and meant to feel like you’re walking through the course of the war, from the soldier’s bedroom in Copenhagen to the various bases and, eventually, home again.
  4. Today is the day that many of the Christmas markets in Copenhagen, including this one in Nyhavn, begin setting up!  The magic of the season is here and I couldn’t be more excited!
  5. A few people from Wake, including one of my friends from freshman year, were visiting Copenhagen today and wanted to see the famous trampolines by Nyhavn, so of course I had to jump too!

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