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friday five #14, or, monday…???

  1. Last Sunday, a friend from my Danish class and I ventured over to Sweden for the day for one reason and one reason only: the IKEA Museum!  Yes, it exists, and yes, it’s everything you’d ever want it to be.  I’ll be writing a full blog post about it later, but in the basement of the museum is temporary exhibition on textiles, and they have stations set up with fabric, sewing machines, and patterns for you to make your own things! for FREE! Stay tuned to the blog post to find out how it went…
  2. Every so often the National Gallery (Statens Museum for Kunst, or SMK) opens their galleries for “SMK Fridays”.  The museum is free to enter and you can either wander around the exhibitions or take advantage of the food, art talks, performances, and more!
  3. Some modern art at SMK—we went to SMK Fridays for a field study for my Danish class, but we were free to walk around the exhibitions at our leisure!
  4. Another gallery at SMK.  It was fascinating to be able to see some of the works of art that we’ve been discussing in my Danish class this semester!
  5. Since we were all traveling to different corners of Europe for our last break (conveniently held over Thanksgiving weekend), my apartment held a “Friendsgiving” meal on Monday night.  And y’all—let me tell you, we did not hold back.  We all made our own family recipes and cobbled together a night that is undoubtedly one of my favorites of studying abroad thus far.  These people are what I’m most thankful for this year.
  6. I promise—I still go to school!  There’s a café located near DIS called “The Living Room,” and getting a hot chocolate and cinnamon bun there has become a favorite Tuesday spot of mine in between two of my classes.
  7. Tivoli has finally opened for Christmas and it might be the most beautiful thing in the whole world!!! I went on opening day with one of my roommates and some of her friends, and in between the rides we wandered through the streets of Tivoli taking in the sheer number of lights.

Also…I’m definitively the. worst.  I promise this is the last Friday Five that will be delayed.  Monday didn’t really rhyme with any numbers so I just kind of improvised and went with seven so I could at least *pretend* that I put this up yesterday when I meant to.  Traveling messes with my brain.

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