What I’ve been up to…

Hi, friends! It’s been a while!

In my head, I was totally going to keep up with this blog after coming back from abroad. In reality, that didn’t happen (clearly). But the blogging itch didn’t ever totally go away, and a few months ago I started working on a new blogging idea: sharing the books I’ve been reading this year and all the treats I’ve been baking, since these are two hobbies I love (and love to share!).

However, I really wanted this blog to stay the way it was, both as a time capsule of my time spent in Copenhagen in the fall of 2017, and also as a resource to current and future DIS students—since that’s still where a lot of my blog traffic comes from. I wanted all of those posts to be easy to find and to remain the focal point of this blog.

So—enter Books & Blondies! I have started a new blog, completely separate from this one, for all things books and baking (and more, probably). This blog will remain live and I’ll continue to answer any questions I get from DIS students and families, since that’s one of my favorite things to do. If you’re only here because of DIS and you have no interest in what a student blogger from Fall ’17 is reading and baking, that’s great. Read away! But if you want new content from me, I’d love to have you over on Books & Blondies 🙂

Click here to check out my new blog! And if you follow jennifergracefully via email, you can do that over there as well!


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