2 thoughts on “friday five #4

  1. Jenn, I’m just loving all the ADVENTURES that you are having, so glad that I can go with you on these journeys! You’re visiting many of our favorite cities in Europe, and this week we’re headed to the Baltic States, not very far from you. In case you ever get back to Hamburg and have some free time, visit the “Miniatur Wunderland”, it’s a fabulous museum of miniature animated almost everything, much fun. Keep enjoying each day!!…..and thanks for sharing. Phyllis J.


    • Phyllis—I so look forward to reading your comments every time! Nana told me all about your wonderful plans for your trip and I cannot wait to hear about them; it sounds like such a fabulous adventure! We were absolutely planning on going to the Miniatur Wunderland but unfortunately our plans were cut short so that we could make it back to the ferry on time 😦 Definite bummer, but I guess it just means I have to get back to Hamburg eventually—that’s how that works, right? Have such a wonderful trip and I cannot wait for your many stories upon your return!


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