a semester in squares, or, friday five #18

As a final post recapping the semester, I thought it would be fun to do a post with every Friday Five picture I posted over the last four months.  My Friday Five posts were some of my favorites of the semester!  Compiling them at the end of each week was a great way for me to reflect on the previous week—all the things I did, saw, ate, and accomplished.  I wanted everyone following this blog to be able to see everything I was doing, seeing, eating, and accomplishing, rather than me just writing about it.  I hope you loved them as much as I did!

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cold hands and a warm heart, or, dis arctic excursion

I’ve been looking forward to this past week since literally before spring semester even ended.  I’m, like, 80% sure I signed up for the DIS Arctic Excursion trip before I even signed up for my classes.  And let me tell you, the literal months of anticipation did. not. disappoint.  I think I pinched myself maybe 30 times in the last five days because I couldn’t believe that this was actually my life right now, that I was actually flying through a forest covered in 3+ feet of snow on a dogsled (and that was just the last day!).  Keep reading to hear all about our incredible adventures above the Arctic Circle in Kiruna, Sweden!

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political cartoons, synagogues, and so much pasta, or, core course week days #4-5

As I write this, I’m curled up on our couch with a blanket, listening to the rain outside. The weather is definitely beginning to change here in Copenhagen and while I’m a sucker for fall and winter weather (the cold never bothered me anyway?) I’m definitely trying to hold on to as much of this Danish summer as possible!  It’s been raining on and off all day and now I definitely understand why the Danes spend so much time outside when the weather’s nice—you never know if it’ll be the last sunny day for a while!  Now that core course week has officially drawn to a close, I wanted to give a quick recap of the last two days—our seminars here in Copenhagen—before my post in a few days about some of my takeaways from this week!

If you haven’t yet seen my recap of the first three days of Core Course Week, check that out here!

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