i was confused too, or, FAQs from upcoming students

One of the super cool things about being a student blogger this past semester is that I had prospective DIS students reach out to me over the course of the past four months to ask questions about the classes I was taking, where I was living, and how I was liking Copenhagen.  As the Spring 2018 semester prepares to leave their homes for Denmark in the coming days (you have no idea how jealous I am of all of you!) I thought it would be helpful to recap some of the questions I got during the semester!

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a semester in squares, or, friday five #18

As a final post recapping the semester, I thought it would be fun to do a post with every Friday Five picture I posted over the last four months.  My Friday Five posts were some of my favorites of the semester!  Compiling them at the end of each week was a great way for me to reflect on the previous week—all the things I did, saw, ate, and accomplished.  I wanted everyone following this blog to be able to see everything I was doing, seeing, eating, and accomplishing, rather than me just writing about it.  I hope you loved them as much as I did!

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cold hands and a warm heart, or, dis arctic excursion

I’ve been looking forward to this past week since literally before spring semester even ended.  I’m, like, 80% sure I signed up for the DIS Arctic Excursion trip before I even signed up for my classes.  And let me tell you, the literal months of anticipation did. not. disappoint.  I think I pinched myself maybe 30 times in the last five days because I couldn’t believe that this was actually my life right now, that I was actually flying through a forest covered in 3+ feet of snow on a dogsled (and that was just the last day!).  Keep reading to hear all about our incredible adventures above the Arctic Circle in Kiruna, Sweden!

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