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friday five #17

  1. I took this picture of Nyhavn on my way back from returning my bike and it will be the background on my computer and phone for the foreseeable future
  2. After 1 flight cancellation, 2 rescheduled flights, 1 delayed flight, and 1 run through the Dulles airport, I finally saw the lights of Minneapolis for the first time in four months.  I’m chalking the tears up to jetlag (that’s how that works, right?)
  3. I’ve seen this art installation in the Copenhagen airport more times than I can count over the course of this past semester; as I saw it for the last time (at 6am, having been at the airport since 3:30am) it was a reminder that even if the semester is over, the journey is just beginning (WOW could I be any cheesier? Try me.)
  4. I went to my visiting host family’s house one final time for dinner during my last weekend in Copenhagen.  Danish Christmas trees are commonly decorated with candles (this seems like a fire hazard but ok) and Danish flags, both of which you can see here!  If you look closely at the bottom of the picture you can also see a Green Bay Packers ornament…I never thought I could love a family of Packers fans, but Morten, Mette, Emma, and Lisa (and Bølle, of course)—you did it 🙂
  5. The last week also brought the DIS Showcase, where various groups of students (including all the LLCs) presented what they’ve been doing over the course of the semester!  We created a replica of the tarp “tents” we slept in on our LLC retreat, complete with sleeping bags.  We set up a computer in the tent for people to cozy up and watch the movie we made about our LLC!

Only two weeks late!! Oops!! As you can tell, I’m working on playing catch-up on blog posts from the end of the semester, which was a whirlwind of final exams, papers, presentations, and spending as much time as humanly possible with my apartment-mates.  Here’s the final installation of my Friday Five series—the last few days of the semester.

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