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friday five #11, or, sunday seven #2

Like last time, I’m making up for posting Friday Five not on a Friday by giving you BONUS pictures!!!!

  1. My mom and I spent Friday afternoon at Grundtvigskirke, a breathtakingly beautiful church in northern Copenhagen.  How can you not fall in love with a place that looks like that?
  2. One of the adorable towns that we passed while on our fjord tour in Norway!
  3. A fun selfie from one of the exhibits at Fotografiska in Stockholm
  4. All of the streets in the Old Town area of Tallinn look like they’re straight off a Disney set—this one included!
  5. The sun set over Old Town as we sailed out of the Tallinn harbor on our way back to Helsinki
  6. In Helsinki we stayed at Hotel Fabian—when the hotel shares your last name, how can you not stay there?
  7. We ate so well on this trip (and so much)—this is one of my meals from a cute little sidewalk cafe in Stockholm!

One thought on “friday five #11, or, sunday seven #2

  1. We were in Tallinn just a few weeks ago, and yes, it’s a beautiful city. I’m glad that you got to see the Old Town, really quite special. Your mom is a real trooper to keep up with you…..such fun!! Phyllis Johnson

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