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friday five #10

  1. Undoubtedly one of my favorite parts of the fall semester is nights at Spry Stadium, Wake’s soccer stadium.  They have a punch card program every season where if you go to a certain number of games, you get a free soccer scarf.  I’ve gotten ones the last two years and was pretty bummed when I knew I wasn’t going to get one this year.  My sweet friend Julie, who knows how much I love Wake soccer, SENT ME ONE ACROSS THE OCEAN, and I can’t sing her praises loudly enough!!!
  2. My mom got to Copenhagen a few days ago (!!!) and we’ve spent the end of this week seeing all the main tourist sites, including the Round Tower, one of my favorite places!  There’s a new art exhibit in the tower that we checked out today, and this is a close up of one of the pieces.  It might look like a picture, but don’t be fooled—it’s a painting!
  3. For my field study this past Wednesday, my political rhetoric class headed to the offices of Politiken, one of Denmark’s leading newspapers—our professor is an editor there!  One of the best things about academics here at DIS is that almost all of the professors are professionals in their field, so they truly teach what they practice every single day.
  4. The view from the top of the Round Tower
  5. A portrait mode photo of the hot chocolate I had one morning in Dublin (check out that blog post here).  Portrait mode makes food look more beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen, and this was no exception.

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