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friday five #16

How is it already my penultimate Friday Five post?

  1. I’ve been doing a lot of studying at the Black Diamond library recently #finalsszn and man oh man is it a pretty sight at sunset!
  2. I’ve started walking home a lot more recently—something about this city on foot brings me so much joy.  There’s a ton of construction going on on Amager right now so I had to take a detour on my most recent walk home, and I ended up in this beautiful park and cemetery!
  3. The library at Wake might still hold my heart (ZSR forever) but you have to admit that this isn’t the worst study view in the world.
  4. I passed the cutest shop on my walk to the Louisiana Museum on Wednesday (read about it here) and honestly, how could I not take a picture?
  5. My friend and I went up the tower of the Church of our Savior for one final time this week and I snapped a quick ADPi picture, because #diamondsareforever

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