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friday five #15

  1. Every Wednesday one of the oldest and most well-known (for good reason!) bakeries in Copenhagen makes these giant cinnamon rolls called “onsdagsnegl,” which quite literally translates to “Wednesday snail” because they’re only made on Wednsedays.  And this is why Wednesday is the best day of the week, everyone.
  2. If having Christmas markets in every plaza isn’t your idea of the perfect city…..who are you????
  3. This was my view on the bus ride home the other day, passing over Christianshavn on my way from city center to the island of Amager, where I live.  Not too shabby, CPH ❤
  4. We had our last LLC event last night—how did that happen already?  We went ice skating in Frederiksberg, and I think I might have hyped up my skating abilities from growing up in Minnesota just a little too much…
  5. …because this was the result when some of my friends and I tried to take a picture.  I’m the blur in the middle wearing the blue hat.


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