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friday five #9

  1. One of my sweet visiting host sisters celebrated her birthday this week and they invited me to dinner in the city to celebrate! We ate at an Italian restaurant on Ilum rooftop and I had possibly the best dish of my entire life—this ravioli!
  2. We’ve taken to calling our apartment “holm” because it’s a play on the word “home” and the fact that the street we live on is Holmbladsgade—which I still can’t completely pronounce! One of my apartment-mates made this wall art out of string for when we all returned from our travel week last week, and it’s my absolute favorite thing to see when I get back from classes each day 🙂
  3. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that this is real life and the streets I walk down really do look like this and I’m not in some kind of fairy tale
  4. You’ve definitely already seen a milkshake like this in a previous Friday Five…but they were so good I just had to go again! This time I went after classes with one of my good friends Robyn (who you might remember from my post about our trip to Rome together!) We’ve been trying to plan this afternoon together for ages—literally since we returned from Rome—but through a series of unfortunate events like busy schedules and bike malfunctions we keep having to reschedule. We finally made it though, and it was completely worth it!! The best kinds of friendships revolve around food 🙂
  5. This is my view as I walk to class every day and one of the most quintessentially DIS pictures I could take—the cloudy, overcast sky, the ivy on the DIS housing office, the bikers everywhere, the massive bike rack you can just barely make out in the bottom left corner, the students huddled outside one of the classroom buildings during passing time—all parts of my daily routine here in Copenhagen!

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