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friday five #7

  1. On my field study this past week for my Danish class, we took a walking tour of Nørrebro.  We passed this entire shop devoted to cacti, and I couldn’t help but stop to take pictures because, hello, this is 100% my ideal store.
  2. A rainy day in our apartment!  While this picture was taken, a few of my apartment-mates were home—cooking dinner, laughing, studying, and enjoying each other’s company.  This is Danish hygge and it is my favorite thing.
  3. The start of our field study was a group meal at a local restaurant—look how delicious!
  4. Part of that same field study included walking through a famous cemetery in the area.  Among many other famous Danes, H.C. Andersen is buried there!
  5. Last weekend I headed to the Black Diamond Library to study.  As much as I love ZSR, this isn’t a bad view either 🙂

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