steve fell in, or, kayaking through copenhagen

One of the benefits of living in an LLC is the weekly activities we have that push us to engage more deeply with the theme of the housing we’re in.  Living in the Outdoor LLC, our activities revolve around getting outside and exploring what it means to live a life of adventure outdoors while still being in the middle of a city.  Every week brings a new activity and with it, a new challenge.  Like I mentioned in this blog post, last week we biked around Amager, the island we live on.  This week, however, we took to the water to kayak around a few of the many canals in Copenhagen!


The title of this blog post was kind of a dead giveaway for the most exciting (depending on who you talk to) part of our kayaking adventure: one of my apartment-mates took a unplanned dip in the harbor immediately upon getting into the kayak.  Thankfully no people, phones, or kayaks were harmed in the process.  However, Steve also happened to be my kayak-mate and his status as completely soaked made our kayak a prime target for literally everyone else.  Many splashes, attempted tips, near-collisions with GoBoats and tour boats, a few history lessons from Atanasio, and one beautiful sunset later we made it back to the harbor mostly dry and very, very happy.


Before now, my only interaction with the canals in Copenhagen was gripping the handles of my bike even more tightly as I went over bridges above them.  Spending time on the water again reminded me how much I love kayaking and brought me back to the many joyful summer days spent on kayaks at our cabin over the last few years!  Most of all, however, the evening on the water gave us time to pause and reflect on the past few weeks here in Copenhagen and a chance to be present with one another with no other obligations.

That time spent with each other was especially needed as we head into the next few weeks of crazy travel schedules and Core Course week!  Catch my next blog posts for what are sure to be an eventful few posts (hopefully in the best way possible).

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