i was confused too, or, FAQs from upcoming students

One of the super cool things about being a student blogger this past semester is that I had prospective DIS students reach out to me over the course of the past four months to ask questions about the classes I was taking, where I was living, and how I was liking Copenhagen.  As the Spring 2018 semester prepares to leave their homes for Denmark in the coming days (you have no idea how jealous I am of all of you!) I thought it would be helpful to recap some of the questions I got during the semester!

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study abroad 101: how to pack for studying abroad

Welcome back to my “Study Abroad 101” series!  By now, we’ve talked about how to choose a study abroad program, how to budget while studying abroad, and how to plan for weekend travel.  But we haven’t yet talked about a very important factor in all of these things…what are you going to wear when you do all of these things?  And how in the heck are you going to fit it all in 1 suitcase?

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study abroad 101: how to plan for weekend travel

In today’s post, I’m going to talk all about how to best plan weekend trips while you’re studying abroad.  For many students, Europe is an enticing destination for studying abroad for so many reasons, but especially because of how easy it is to hop on a plane, train, or bus and nd up in a completely different country in just a matter of hours.  That was definitely a factor in why I chose to study abroad in Denmark this fall (see that post here)!

That being said, given my limited/minimal/lack of knowledge about studying abroad anywhere other than Europe, this post will mainly be focused on planning weekend travel in Europe—but if you use or modify any of these tips for studying abroad elsewhere, I’d love to know—let me know in the comments below!

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study abroad 101: how to budget while studying abroad

This week on the blog I’ll be continuing my “Study Abroad 101” series with a not-as-fun post, but one that’s really important: how to budget your money while studying abroad.  While figuring out where you’re going to study abroad is fun, the next steps—like figuring out how to pay for four months in another country—can be a more difficult conversation to have.

This blog post will cover how to budget your money once you’re actually abroad.  If you’re looking for my tips on how to budget for studying abroad (like scholarships, etc) check out Part I of this series on how to choose a study abroad program!

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study abroad 101: how to choose a study abroad program

So you want to go abroad.

Welcome to the best decision of your life!!!!! I can confidently say that the summer/semester/year/??? that you spend in a foreign country will be one of the most rewarding and challenging times of your life thus far.

Today on the blog, I’m starting a little series called “Study Abroad 101,” a four-part series to help you make your decision and preparation for studying abroad just a little bit easier!

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