sunny days in sweden, or, two days in stockholm

The third stop on our list? Stockholm, Sweden! I’m really, really glad we had two full days here; I don’t think we could have seen everything we wanted to see in just one day.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about Stockholm at first, but by the end of our second day there it had risen to second place on my list of favorite cities we visited (the first is Copenhagen, probably for the rest of forever).

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salzburg, austria // a weekend trip guide


After a trip to Salzburg, I can confidently say that this little city is easily on my top ten (if not my top five) favorite cities, ever.  I absolutely fell in love with it and would love to go back one day in a heartbeat!  We spent a weekend there which was just about perfect–enough time to see all the main sites and explore the city, but just long enough to not get bored!  I always say that I’d rather go somewhere again because I didn’t see everything than feel like I’ve exhausted the city and its sights.

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budapest, hungary // a weekend guide

As part of our class, we spent four days in Budapest studying gentrification and the built environment to provide a contrast to our main research sites in Vienna.  We were also given ample time for sightseeing!

Special thanks to my dad for coming along on this weekend adventure and for being a great recommender of museums, his colleague for providing some incredibly helpful tips on what to see and where to stay, and my group for giving this post some first-hand knowledge of the nightlife scene!

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